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When should I sign up for the 'Watch Me Grow' program?

We always recommend being prepared!  The last few weeks of your pregnancy and the first few weeks of your baby’s life fly by so quickly! Come in for a consultation well before your baby’s due date. That way we can answer any questions you have, send you home with pricing, and get you prepared for your first baby session with us. If you wait until the baby gets here to sign up, then chances are you are going to miss that perfect window that we recommend for newborn portraits (within the first 10 days of life). 

What if I want to do a maternity session?

Maternity portraits are best done between 7 & 9 months.  This time frame is different for everyone.  Some people have nice round bellies closer to 7 months and others may have to wait a little longer. Everyone's body is different!

Speaking of maternity...what if I have stretch marks?

So many people are nervous about this. Don't stress!  Any portrait you chose to purchase will be completely retouched!  It will be like the stretch marks never existed.   

When can I schedule my newborn session?

We photography newborn sessions Monday-Friday. We can start anywhere between 10am to 4pm.  If you absolutely need a Saturday, you can schedule a baby session between 10am and noon for an additional $100. 

I'm afraid to take my baby in public too early!

Since we are a boutique studio we have the luxury of guaranteeing you that bringing your baby to us for photos is hardly "being in public."  Usually, the only people other than you present during your session are me and an assistant.  We know that the health of your baby is important.  If we feel sick, we will call to reschedule your session.  We also take care to use lots of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer before handling your baby. 

Can I reschedule if my child is sick?

Absolutely!  The last thing we want is your child having to be here when they are sick.  1.  It will be frustrating for you.  2.  Your portraits won't be the best they could be.  We can't afford to be sick either! It's best to keep the germs at home :) 

How much do portraits cost?

Most of our clients spend $700 -$1,500 per baby session.  Some spend more and some spend less.  We also offer payment plans.  *For a list of our portrait pricing, please call to set up a consultation at the studio!

How do payment plans work?

It's simple.  We set up a payment schedule, you sign a payment agreement and leave two forms of payment on file.  Your card is automatically charged in installment payments on a specific date. The best part... we never charge interest. Once your balance has been paid in full, we print and finish your order. 

When is the best time to schedule my baby's portraits?

THE FIRST SESSIONwithin the first 10 days of life.  Babies sleep a tremendous amount and curl up into cute positions for the first 5-10 days of life. After this they become more alert, bigger and learn that they can stretch out. For us to get the adorable basket photos and portraits of sleeping babies it's really important to not miss this precious window of time. 

THE SECOND SESSIONwhen your baby is sitting up solidly.  For some babies this is at the end of their 6th month and for others it's closer to 9 months.  Why wait until they are sitting up?  Well for starters, the photos are so much cuter!  Your baby will have expressions that we did not capture in your newborn session.  If they are not sitting up then we are forced to lay them down for most of their photos which hinders the variety of portraits and hides the adorable outfit that you've so carefully selected.  Secondly, if you baby is wobbly and we try to sit them up for photos the likelihood is that they will topple over, bump their head a bit and then...well...the session is usually over because the baby is upset. 

THE THIRD SESSIONyour baby's first birthday! For the final session of the year we ask that you bring one outfit of your choice and then we do an extra mini session with a birthday cake!  We’ll provide the tutu (or jean shorts), birthday hat and cake!  This candid mini session is adorable.  We simply capture your little one exploring icing and cake in whatever way they please. Don’t worry… we’ll help you hose them down before you head home! Haha!